Friday, March 12, 2010

All hail the super carrot!

carrotsGETTY.JPGA genetically modified carrot delivers 41% more calcium to the body, Texas scientists have shown. Kendal Hirschi and colleagues had previously engineered the carrots to have a two-fold higher calcium content, but it was unclear whether consumption of this marvel of science actually increased the amount of calcium in the body of the eater.

Now, in a paper that should shortly appear in PNAS, they report that people who ate 100g of their ‘super carrots’ absorbed 41% more calcium than those who ate boring old normal carrots. This could help to treat osteoporosis, notes the briefest press release ever.

Whether these carrots will overcome consumer scepticism about GM foods remains to be seen. “Much more research needs to be conducted before this would be available to consumers,” admits Hirschi (BBC).

“As far as I know, this is the first time any one has taken a GMO and done human feeding studies to shown enhanced health effects. I think consumers will have a better impression of GMO foods if more studies like this are initiated,” Hirschi adds in an online Google comment.


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