Monday, March 15, 2010

Colorful Bio-Tech Cell Phone Strap

These bio-tech mobile plant cell phone straps definitely have a bit more 'life' to them than these other wacky cell phone straps! Available in blue and pink, these real life plant phone charms don't require any food or water - you just leave them alone and let them survive off the food in the bottle. Kinda cute, I'm just hoping that they wouldn't break or leak inside my purse.
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No feeding no water just leave it alone!!
Super Bio-Tech Mobile Plant
Cell Phone Strap

Your Plant in Vitro Capsule!
Blue or Pink Bio-Tech Fertilizer
keeps it grow without water!
Always enjoy Mobile Gardening =)

Taking care of plants 24/7 is hard for anyone...
Gardening makes you feel good
but it sometimes could be a burden...
This Mobile Plant Phone Strap is absolutely
stress-free for both you
& the plant itself to the contrary!!


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