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Avoid These Seven Foods To Remain Youthful And Healthy While Increasing Your Longevity

There is no doubt that everyone entering middle age and even earlier are concerned about the eventual ravages of aging. It has more to do with maintaining our youth than any innate sense of vanity. We do what we can to counter the effects of an aging appearance because we generally put ourselves out there and are bound to be judged to a certain extent by how we look – this is natural.

However, why then when we talk about appearing younger and more youthful, do we even consider discussing the food we eat? What could our diets possibly have to do with maintaining our youth? The answer is very rudimentary – we are what we eat. Our appearance and overall well being are inevitably associated with youth and they have an equally important connection to our diet. On this point, there can be total certainty.

For the majority of us, eating is an extremely agreeable past time we partake in daily. It is a particularly pleasurable experience. Some people take great satisfaction from preparing food for themselves and others with little regard for health but never overlooking the desire for taste and fulfillment. Eating must become a means to not only sustain us, but to also provide the necessary essentials required for youthfulness, health maintenance and potential longevity.

In order for this transformation from indulgent satisfaction from eating to healthy maintenance and vital nourishment, we need to become aware of the foods that we consume regularly but which will inevitably do us harm when we overindulge in them. In order to do this, what follows is a list of popular foods to avoid and in place of using youth as terminology, I will replace this with the word health for the most part.

• Dairy Items

As much as dairy products have become a staple in our diets, overindulging in them is known to cause heart problems. Dairy products are a requirement for children to aid in healthy development but eventually too much will become problematic. Dairy foods produce mucous and are tough to digest, when you eat dairy products it is better to consume them along with a salad and be wary of how much you are ingesting, especially as you enter your twenties.

• Processed Foods

Eating too much food that has been processed and manufactured for preservation will become ruinous to our health. Number one is they include sugar and additional salt that is disguised, as food flavoring and conditioning enhancements, there are also further additives, which will take a toll on one’s health. Number two is the damaging preservatives, which are, included whose sole purpose is to aid in maintaining the “freshness” of the foodstuff – making it last longer. The third point is though they may have initially had some food value, the process that the product has undergone in the name of food preservation has stripped it of virtually all its redeeming healthful qualities rendering it nearly useless as beneficial nourishment.

• Foods That Are Genetically Modified Or [GMO]

Genetic redesigning is a drastic and far reaching technical advance that brings down the rudimentary genetic barricades between not just species but also between plants, animals and humans in an abnormal manner. This should be of concern to us all due to the poor safety statistics for these laboratory generated products, as they present themselves in humans who consume them.

Regardless, they are still permitted to be marketed for sale as unlabelled merchandise in ordinary supermarkets, leaving no means by which consumers can tell the difference between GMO products and naturally grown items like corn, potatoes, soy or tomatoes and the like. There is just one way to steer clear of buying these GMOs and that is to purchase only known organic foods when you can. If your idea is to grow your own vegetables, be sure you only use organic seeds.

• Foods That Are Refined

Much like processed foods, refined foods also present health concerns. White flour, white rice and white sugar have all undergone a refining process. The procedure includes the peeling of grains and canes of any innately present nutrients that had been in place including fiber, vitamins and minerals giving the items their sanitary white feature. The procedure diminishes any food value they had and the now “dead” food can cause digestion trouble such as constipation, lowered nutrient levels and further health issues.

Since they have been denuded of literally any nutritional value, many of these refined foods need to be artificially augmented and enhanced with vitamins and essential minerals. What must be understood is that are bodies cannot withstand the chemical nutrients being processed.

• Hydrogenated Or Partly Hydrogenated Foods

The hydrogenation procedure is when manufacturers artificially process natural oils like vegetable oil and olive oils turning them into a solid form capable of withstanding room temperature. These would include products like nut butter, margarine, biscuits, certain cookies and powdered drinks etc. When this hydrogenation process occurs, it produces damaging trans fatty acids, which can result in blood clotting, cancers, heart disease and numerous degenerative ailments. To avoid the hydrogenated food items everyone needs to begin reading the labels. Never be duped by labeling that states something is “partially hydrogenated oil” since partially hydrogenated oil is even more harmful that whole hydrogenated oils.

• Microwaving Your Foods

Based on investigations published by Dr. Hans Ulrich Hertel and Lausanne University, foods prepared in microwave ovens are capable of high risks to our health more so than food cooked by conventional methods. Microwaving food can begin to decay food and changes it at the molecular level through the radiation procedure. Microwaving food produces cancerous agents, which can result in a considerable reduction in nutrient levels and food value. As convenient as the action of microwaving food has become, it would be prudent if food preparers used it as little as possible, perhaps only as a means of reheating foods rather than as a resource for initially preparing it.

• Meats

Eating meat itself is unnatural for humans in the first place since we are not carnivorous as a species. When one investigates the human digestive tract, they will see that it has not been engineered for the digestion of meat from early evolution. Some meat, beef in particular, can take nearly three days to properly digest to completion. It is for this reason, if you insist on eating meat with each serving of food, your body would still be in the process of digesting what you ate for breakfast yesterday as you ingest your next day’s meals!

Vegetarian diets are good since they do away with the problem of indigestion because of unacceptable food combinations, which cause food to putrefy and ferment in your stomach. Even more critical, the nutrients required to restore and replenish one’s cells are eradicated in this decaying and moldering progression that the meat eater is undergoing. This procedure is certainly, why so many people appear older and aged since this dietary succession inevitably results in premature aging and ill health for the recipient.

If a person has the desire to maintain a youthful exterior and lead a healthful life, they need to reduce their consumption of the foods mentioned above. They must decrease their ingestion of dairy foods, processed, refined, microwaved and GMO foods, hydrogenated oils and meats. Replace meats with healthy alternatives such as tofu. Increase the consumption of veggies and make it a habit. Allow meat to be a mere garnish rather than the main course of a meal. Develop a fondness for fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds for a healthy and extended life.

You will look much better and feel far more vigorous, returning to the youthful exuberance you once enjoyed and can now more readily maintain, as you grow older and wiser!


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