Monday, September 26, 2011

5 innovative ways of cell phones for medical use

1. Cellphone microscope – Developed by UCLA electrical engineering professor Aydogan Ozcan , a microscope to be incorporated into cellphone , can be used to produce an image showing the cells within a small sample of fluid. Useful for monitoring condition of HIV or malaria patients.

2. Cell Phone as medical imaging – Developed by University of California bioengineering professor Boris Rubinsky. It’s a portable electromagnetic scanner works cellphone and computer: It plugs into the cellphone and sends data to the computer, which then generates an image to be sent to the doctor or hospital no matter where they’re.

3. Cellphone as heart monitor – Cellphone monitors the user’s cardiac activity and calls 911 once it’s detected the user’s heart beat rate steps into danger zone. It’s now being developed by Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh.

4. Cell Phone as Smart Band Aid – Gentag, a startup has developed a wireless wrist-worn band aid that has an RFID chip that is able to transmit info to a cell phone. The band-aid can warn a medical technician technician if a patient is allergic to certain drugs. It’s also able to monitor the patient’s temperature and glucose level and informs medical personnel when there is a spike.

5. Smart phone as Ultra sound machine – USB ultrasound probe developed by St. Louis-based Washington University engineers , is able to hook up with a smartphone. And you can make the pair to image image the kidney, liver, bladder and eyes, as well as endocavity probes for prostate and uterine screenings and biopsies. Genetic testing, blood screening and advanced imaging such as MRI will be possible on cellphones in the future.


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