Monday, September 26, 2011

Sneezer Beam – effective relief for hay fever and allergies

SneezerBeam is a little handy gadget that is able to give you a relief if you suffer from hay fever or any other nasal allergies. This little device has no side effect, it’s drug-free, what it uses is light to shine into your nostrils to clear your blockages and allergies.

Apparently, the little SneezerBeam device is to be inserted into your nostrils and then turn on the attached controller to activate the light beams. The light beams are able to inhibit the cells in your nose that release histamine, which is at the center of what triggers your allergic symptoms.

This little device has the full support from the medical world. It’s not a joke, it’s a technology based upon a clinical trial on 40 patients suffering from allergic rhinitis. The result was 72% of the patients showed improvement of their symptoms after being treated with light therapy using the SneezerBeam. It’s easy to use, each session takes you 3 minutes only, and you have to do it two or three times everyday.


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