Monday, September 26, 2011

Epocrates Rx – a drug information databank for your iPhone

If you’re a pharmacist, a doctor or someone who needs to frequently access to information on drugs, and you’re also an iPhone user, you can then download the Epocrates Rx software onto your iPhone to give you a helpful databank of those drugs and pills.
The Epocrates Rx software is now available as a free download, which allows iPhone without Internet connection to be able to access the database of drugs and pills. The database contains more than 3,300 brand and generic drugs. You’ll get helpful information on drugs using this app including the pill ID, drug interactions, and reference formula information.

Each pill shown by the Epocrates is also associated with a clear image to show you how the pill looks like. It’s handy especially while you’re on the go. And since you’re someone into the profession that needs to deal with drugs and pills, you’ll always get some friends and relatives to ask you questions about those drugs. But you may not remember every single drug.

If you have your iPhone installed with the Epocrates Rx, you could then quickly access the information and tell the one who asked about it without losing your professional image.


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