Monday, September 26, 2011

Blood-analyzing computer chip, detects cancer in 10 minutes

A little chip has been invented which is used for testing blood and it takes only 10 minutes and needs only a single blood drop to carry out the most precise test.

The conventional blood test carried out in the hospital or clinic will normally involve doctors or nurses to 10 to 15 mililiters of blood into several vials. It will then involve multiple technicians to carry out the analysis, which may sum up a total cost of $500.

The new micro chip is claimed to be able to do the same, and it needs only one drop of blood. And it’s able to produce the test result showing you with full information about your healthiness in only 10 minutes. In another words, you’ll know within 10 minutes whether you’ve got cancer, HIV etc.

This microfluidic chip is being developed by James Heath, a chemistry professor at Caltech, and Institute for Systems Biology founder Leroy Hood. The chip is able to segregate cells and proteins in the blood drop, and tag those proteins so they will light up under a microscope if anything is found.


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