Monday, September 26, 2011

Weightbot – a weight tracking tool for the iPhone and iPod Touch

If the iPhone or iPod Touch is always with you, it’ll be the most handy gadget to help you track your weight if you’re on a slimming plan. Here comes the Weightbot, which is an application that is specially designed for both the iPhone and iPod Touch to track the weight of the users.
The Weightbot comes with beautiful graphs to track you weight over time, it displays those graphs which show the weekly, monthly, and yearly progress of your weight, so you can make use of it whether you’re still on track or deviated from your original weight loss plan.

The Weightbot allows the weight information collected to be backed up online over a secure connection, and you can set your own goal weight and watch your weight slope towards the finish line. And of course, the app treats your weight information as the highly confidential one, which allows you to set passcode, so others will not be able to take a peek or spy on your weight.

With all the fancy graphs and high usability, it definitely costs some, but it’s highly affordable. For only $1.00, you can get it from Apple App Store, but it’ll be on the store for a limited time only.


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